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ERGOBABY 都會系列嬰兒手推車及背帶套裝 (*免費送貨) ERGOBABY Metro Compact City Stroller & Carrier Bundle (*Free Delivery)

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Product Code: EXPO-19149
ERGOBABY 都會系列嬰兒手推車及背帶套裝 (*免費送貨) ERGOBABY Metro Compact City Stroller & Carrier Bundle (*Free Delivery)

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套裝包括 : 都會系列嬰兒手推車 - 黑色及手提背包袋及360四式嬰兒背帶透氣款 - 黑色瑪瑙


Ergobaby 都會系列嬰兒手推車 - 黑色


Ergobaby 四式 360 嬰兒背帶 (透氣款) - 黑色瑪瑙

Bundle included : Metro Compact City Stroller - Black, Metro Stroller Carry Bag & 4-Position 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier - Onyx Black

*Free delivery services will be provided. Please visit our booth in person to confirm the delivery address.

Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller - Black:
As a parent, you always want the best for your child. Your unconditional love means that you never skimp on comfort, from your gentle touch to the choices you make for clothes, blankets, and gear. That's why we at Ergobaby created a travel stroller that doesn't compromise when it comes to comfort.
The Metro Stroller delivers all the comfort baby deserves in the compact package parents need. Packed with plush, cushy padding and nap-worthy extras like an adjustable leg rest and spring suspension; even busy, bumpy city streets can't keep baby from sweet slumber.

Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier - Onxy Black:
With the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, you now have four comfortably safe, ergonomic positions to nurture her developmental growth with your loving support and attention.

Features and Benefits

Ergobaby 都會系列嬰兒手推車 -黑色

  • 小巧輕便,讓您輕鬆前往任何地方,貼心的設計為寶寶提供舒適和愉快的外出體驗。
  • 柔軟舒適的襯墊,為寶寶頭部、背部和腿部提供足夠的承托
  • Metro都會系列的嬰兒手推車體積小巧,適用於地鐵和公共汽車內;同時,摺合後可以放進大多數航班的客艙艙頂行李櫃中和小型汽車的車尾箱
  • 適用於初生嬰兒到18.14公斤的寶寶
  • 小巧輕便:摺合尺寸:52 x 44 x 23 厘米,打開尺寸:87 x 44 x 104 厘米,重量:6.3 公斤
  • 符合寶寶的人體工學 : 多區域承托柔軟厚墊
  • 可輕鬆調校靠背斜度
  • 單手摺合: 抱著寶寶的同時,亦能輕鬆摺合手推車
  • 平穩減震懸掛設計,特大吸震後輪胎

  • Ergobaby 四式 360 嬰兒背帶 (透氣款) - 黑色瑪瑙
  • 四種背法:前背面向內,前背面向外,側背及后背
  • 可調校的軟墊肩帶
  • 可調校的風帽能在寶寶睡覺時承托頭部,遮擋陽光,也能在哺乳時保護媽媽的私隱
  • 可調校的座椅闊度和背板伴隨您的寶寶成長
  • 結構化的桶型座椅以符合人體工學的坐姿承托您的寶寶
  • 可調校的魔術扣腰帶( 26-55吋及66-140厘米)能調校高低以達到最舒適的效果,特別適合剖腹生產的婦女,並能為腰部提供承托力
  • 100 %棉帆布外覆及100 %棉府綢襯裡
  • 可機洗
  • 適合新生兒到幼兒使用7*-45 lbs / 3.2*-20 kg
  • 與infant insert一起使用7-12 lbs / 3.2-5.5 kg

  • Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller - Black:
  • Compact and lightweight enough to take you everywhere you need to go, tenderly designed for the ultimate in coziness and care.
  • Metro is packed with plush, cushy padding that supports baby’s head, back, bottom and legs
  • Metro is small enough to take onto subways and buses, and when folded fits in most airline overhead bins and small car trunks
  • Usable from birth up to 18.14kg
  • Compact and lightweight: Folded size: 52 x 44 x 23 cm, Unfolded size: 87 x 44 x 104 cm, Weight: 6.3 kg
  • Ergonomic for Baby: Soft and supportive multi-zone padding
  • Adjustable Back Rest: Easy seamless recline
  • One-hand Fold; Easily fold stroller while holding baby
  • Smooth Ride Suspension and large shock-absorbing PU rear tires

  • Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier - Onxy Black:
  • Adjustable hood to support baby's head while sleeping, protect baby from sun and offer mom privacy while nursing
  • Adjustable seat width and back panel grows with your baby
  • Structured bucket seat to support your baby in an ergonomic seated position
  • Adjustable velcro waistband (26-55in & 66-140cm) that can be worn high or low to maximize comfort, especially in the event of a C-section, and provide low-back support
  • 100% Cotton Canvas shell and 100% Cotton Poplin lining
  • Machine washable
  • Newborn to Toddler 7*-45 lbs / 3.2*-20 kg
  • (*With infant insert 7-12 lbs / 3.2-5.5 kg)
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    Product Weight 3 kg
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