Product Code: EXPO-20119
Tommee Tippee 嬰兒食物蒸煮攪拌器套裝 Tommee Tippee Food Maker Set

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Product Code: EXPO-20119
Tommee Tippee 嬰兒食物蒸煮攪拌器套裝 Tommee Tippee Food Maker Set

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套裝內還包括了各款餵食用品, 幫忙爸媽們輕鬆餵食寶寶。

The Baby Food Maker steams fruit, vegetables and meat preserving key nutrients and flavour. Simple to use, the blender has an easy push button to select the steam or blend function and the timer allows you to personalise the cooking experience based on where you are in your child's weaning adventure.
Once a steam cycle has finished, the unit will automatically blend meaning no decanting is necessary between steps reducing mess. This set also includes various tablewares to help parents feed their babies in a easy way.

Features and Benefits

套裝包括: 嬰兒食物處理器 X1, 研磨餵食碗* X1, Roll 'n' go軟圍兜* X1, 360全方位杯(250ml) - 紫色 X1 (*顏色隨機發放)


  • 嬰兒食物處理器可以在幾分鐘內為嬰兒準備自製的健康膳食
  • 備有蒸煮籃子,方便隔水蒸煮以製作厚實口感的食物
  • 蒸煮方式處理食物保持最高營養和味道
  • 3種操作模式: 蒸煮及攪拌,只蒸煮或只攪拌
  • 可設定不同的攪拌時間,以配合寶寶不同階段的需要
  • 蒸煮及攪拌之間無轉移容器
  • 設有暫停功能,蒸煮途中可隋時暫停以攪拌食物達至平均受熱或隨時停止運作取消蒸煮攪拌
  • 只需設定好時間便可離開,直至食物蒸煮及攪拌可供食用
  • 設有自動關機功能以確保安全
  • 超薄設計,節省空間
  • 設有智能記憶功能,可在30分鐘內重複上次使用設定

  • 研磨餵食碗
  • 配有防漏蓋及柔軟的餵食匙
  • 獨別的冷卻及研磨設計,可以磨碎食物及降低食物溫度,輕鬆餵食幼兒
  • 密封蓋上有收藏餵食匙的地方,方便存放,適合外出使用
  • 可用洗碗碟清洗(只限上層)
  • 適合用水煮消毒、蒸氣消毒 (電子及微波爐) 及冷水消毒 (消毒藥片/溶液)
  • 適合 4 個月或以上的寶寶使用
  • 不含雙酚A

  • Roll 'n' go軟圍兜
  • 立體圍兜,接住寶寶在飲食時掉下來的食物
  • 可以捲起 - 方便儲存和外出使用
  • 採用輕巧及柔軟的物料製造
  • 背面凹凸設計,避免刺激寶寶嬌嫩的肌膚
  • 清洗容易,只需用濕布輕抹或用水沖洗即可
  • 適合 7 個月或以上的寶寶使用
  • 不含雙酚A

  • 360全方位杯(250ml) - 紫色
  • 簡單、易用的全方位360學飲杯
  • 獨特的360度閥門,設有防漏功能
  • 供幼兒隨意在任何角度飲水
  • 全新一件式閥門,再無細小、複雜的配件,更容易清潔
  • 無吸管或啜咀設計,支持口腔發展,鼓勵幼兒學習成人的飲水方法
  • 只適合冷水消毒(消毒藥片/溶液)
  • 適合12個月或上的幼兒使用
  • 不含雙酚A
  • 配有衛生旅行杯蓋
  • 另有200毫升配有易握手柄,適合6個月或上的幼兒使用

  • Set includes: Baby Food Maker X1, Cool and Mesh Bowl* X1, Roll ‘n' go Bib* X1, 360 Tumbler (250ml) - Purple X1 (*Color will be selected randomly)

    Baby Food Maker
  • Baby Food Maker makes it really easy to prepare home-made healthy meals for baby in minutes
  • Steam basket is included for faster steaming to make chunky food
  • Steams food to preserve nutrients and flavor in food
  • 3 operating mode ; Steam and Blend, Steam only and Blend only
  • Blends easily to a range of textures for every weaning stage
  • No transfer between steaming and blending
  • Pause function for mid-cycle to stir for even cooking or stop to cancel program at any time
  • Automatic timer, just set, leave, then simply serve or store
  • Auto shut off for safety
  • Slimline design for space-saving.
  • Smart memory function to repeat the last use setting within 30 minutes

  • Cool and Mesh Bowl
  • Comes with leak proof lid and soft tip weaning spoon
  • Unique cool & mash section, allows you to cool and mash each spoonful at a time
  • Special compartment for storing spoon, so bowl, lid and spoon can be locked to one set for travel and easy storage
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Suitable for sterilisation by steam (electric or microwave), boiling or cold water tablet/ liquid sterilisation
  • Suitable for babies in 4 months or above
  • BPA-Free

  • Roll 'n' go Bib
  • Crumb catcher collect scrumbs & mess
  • Rolls up - Great for storage and travel
  • Made from soft and light material
  • With a dimpled reverse to prevent irritation of delicate skin
  • Easy to clean, can be wipe clean or washed under the tap
  • Suitable for babies in 7 months or above
  • BPA-Free

  • 360 Tumbler (250ml) - Purple
  • The easiest 360° cup to use ever
  • No spills - all round mess free
  • Drink from anywhere around the edge
  • One-piece easy-clean valve, no fiddly or small parts to fit
  • No spout design supports oral development and big-kid drinking skills
  • Suitable for sterilisation by cold water tablet/ liquid sterilisation ONLY
  • Suitable for the babies in 12 months or above
  • With hygienic travel lid
  • BPA Free
  • Also available in 200ml with handles, suitable for the babies in 6 months or above
  • Specifications


    Product Weight 3.3 kg
    Product Height 35 cm
    Product Width 30 cm
    Product Depth 35 cm
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