Product Code: EXPO-19049
BEBBLE 玫瑰果乳牙舒緩啫哩 BEBBLE Teething Gel
by Bebble

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Product Code: EXPO-19049
BEBBLE 玫瑰果乳牙舒緩啫哩 BEBBLE Teething Gel
by Bebble

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銷量第1- Bebble 玫瑰果乳牙舒緩啫哩
迅速舒緩 / 不含藥性 /味道怡人
即時舒緩寶寶初期出牙不適, 幫助傷口迅速癒合及強效鎮靜止痛, 有助食慾不振以及睡眠時緩和不適問題, 睡覺前使用有助入眠

Our magical gel instantly eases discomfort when the first teeth break through. Herbal extracts and soothing ingredients effectively relieve irritation and discomfort typically associated with teething. Free of artificial colouring, alcohol and preservatives. It is suitable for frequent use and for babies and children of all ages. Natural sweeteners and a special fruity flavour give the gel a pleasant taste, for problem-free application.

* in 94% of cases, a significant calming effect was observed. Use of this product over a 7-day period has been proven to alleviate the discomfort associated with teething by 87.45% on average. These results were obtained during a clinical study involving 34 children with a mean age of 7.38 months.

Features and Benefits

Bebble 玫瑰果乳牙舒緩啫哩
植物有效成份 *不含藥性、酒精、防腐劑、色素、糖份及氟化物等

  • 玫瑰果精華

  • 除了豐富維他命C外,亦含有維他命P、B、E、K及胡蘿蔔素等營養素;有助促進寶寶牙肉傷口癒合
  • 舒緩配方

  • (包括犬薔薇精華、洋甘菊精華、甜菊精華、鼠尾草精華及木糖醇等)

    Best selling - Teething gel
    Camomile, roas hip and sage extracts, salvia extract and xylitol
    soothing/ non-medicated/ tasty
  • Relieves irritated and swollen gums
  • Based on plants extracts and natural sweeteners
  • it's harmless when swallowed
  • suitable for use in combination with homeopathic remedies
  • Free of fugar, paraben, alchol, colorants
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