Product Code: EXPO-20207
GK淨可立 孕嬰孩全方位清潔套裝 Germ Killer Disintectant Set

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Product Code: EXPO-20207
GK淨可立 孕嬰孩全方位清潔套裝 Germ Killer Disintectant Set

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GK淨可立 殺菌清潔系列源自新加坡,新加坡環境局認可有效對抗COVID-19,是一種優質醫護級專利QUATS去離子的水溶性消毒水,殺菌最高可達99.99999%,能夠廣泛對抗病毒、細菌和霉菌;温和不刺激,水溶性配方安全適用於任何表面。清潔消毒後並留有24小時抗菌保護,無需再每2小時消毒一次,防止病毒細菌再度滋生。免過水要求,天然清香,帶給你一個輕鬆舒服的愉快清潔感受;多功能配方,能高效清除難聞異味。通過新加坡政府監管,適合皮膚長期接觸使用,對嬰兒、幼童、孕婦、寵物每天使用。

GK 殺菌清潔濃液 2L x 1

GK 殺菌清潔噴霧 500ml & 85ml x 1
適用於日常經常接觸的表面,如: 梳化、地毯、衣服鞋、床單、玩具、書包等

GK 無酒精潔手噴霧&啫喱 250ml & 60ml x 1

GK 空氣殺菌噴霧 300ml x 1

GK series is a premium water-based disinfectant with broad spectrum bactericidal activity that kills 99.99999% of germs. this multi-action formula cleans and disinfects all surfaces and leaves a long lasting fragrance that refreshes as it protects. it protects. it contains no harsh chemicals and is non-irritating to the skin, making it safe for daily use.

Features and Benefits

  • 孕嬰孩適用
  • G6PD患者適用
  • 新加坡制造

  • Suitable for infants, pregnant women and pets
  • Suitable for G6PD people
  • Made in Singapore
  • Specifications


    Product Weight 4.5 kg
    Product Height 30 cm
    Product Width 14 cm
    Product Depth 30 cm
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