Product Code: EXPO-20169
魚鱻森虱目魚精冷凍版 (15包裝) - 2盒 Mr Fish Milkfish Essence Frozen (15 Packs) - 2 Boxes
by Mr Fish

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Product Code: EXPO-20169
魚鱻森虱目魚精冷凍版 (15包裝) - 2盒 Mr Fish Milkfish Essence Frozen (15 Packs) - 2 Boxes
by Mr Fish

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Mr Fish is the leading brand and first company to produce fish essence by ecological farmed milkfish. Under 15 months of purification, extract the purest milkfish essence and that freshness brings the flavourful and delicious taste out. Mr Fish Milkfish Essence is a natural product and has obtained <<3 Stars A.A Certification>> from Asia Pacific Anti Additive Association since 2018, ensure that no five major additives are added in the production.

Features and Benefits

  • 營養豐富:優質蛋白、鈣質、膠原蛋白、人體必需胺基酸(18種水解胺基酸)、牛磺酸、多醣體、礦物質(磷、鎂、鐵)、菸鹼酸、維他命(A, B3, B12, C, E等),低鈉、零脂肪、零膽固醇
  • 適合人士: 備孕、產前產後、坐月、母乳餵哺、兒童、老人家、手術後調理
  • 功效:營養補充、增強抵抗力、減輕疲勞、促進新陳代謝、改善手腳冰冷、術後調理、養顏保健
  • 保存及飲用方法:冷凍-18度冰格保存。簡單加熱3-5分鐘即可飲用

  • Rich in essential nutrition including: High-quality Protein, 18 types of Hydrolyzed Amino Acid, Calcium, Collagen, Taurine, Polysaccharide, Minerals, Vitamins, Niacin etc. Low calorie, Low sodium, Zero cholesterol and Zero fat, NO antibiotics, NO chemicals and NO growth hormone
  • Best used for: Pregnancy, Prenatal and Postpartum Care, Children, Adolescents and the Elderly
  • Efficiency: Nutritional Supplement, Enhance Immunity, Reduce Fatigue, Improve Cold Limbs, Postoperative Recovery and Health Protection etc.
  • Storage: Frozen at -18°C
  • Dinking method: Soak whole pack in hot water for 3-5 minutes
  • Specifications


    Product Weight 2 kg
    Product Height 25 cm
    Product Width 14 cm
    Product Depth 31 cm
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