Product Code: EXPO-20172
Mama Me 家用束腹帶套裝 Mama Me Home Binding Kit
by Mama Me

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Product Code: EXPO-20172
Mama Me 家用束腹帶套裝 Mama Me Home Binding Kit
by Mama Me

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全新升級!Mama Me家用束腹套裝

Mama Me 特別推出家用束腹套裝,讓你能夠在家同時亦能修復,加強紮肚效果。

New Upgrade! Mama Me Home Binding Kit

Postpartum mothers must grasp the golden restoration period in three months postpartum.
Mama Me specially launched a home binding kit, which allows you to repair at the same time and strengthen the effect of the Mama Me binding.
With our new rosehip oil, volume upgraded to 100ml!

Features and Benefits

Mama Me 產後三節腹帶

  • 採用分尾設計,特別適合產後媽媽
  • 升級版厚度及彈力均提升兩倍,更能承托產後媽媽腰腹
  • 可個別調校三節圈圍、緊貼腹部
  • 備有軟墊,保護腹部
  • 透氣橡筋帶,柔軟貼服,不易外露

  • 有機孕育按摩油智利產 100%冷壓玫瑰果種籽萃取而成
  • 為產後媽媽特別調制
  • 有效抗衰老、提升肌膚彈性、緊緻度
  • 預防妊娠紋、色斑、疤痕產生
  • 緩和水腫.促進毒素代謝
  • 全新加強版,增強油份滲透力

  • Mama Me Postpartum Recovery Belt
  • Exclusive spliting tail design, especially suitable for postpartum mothers
  • Doubled thickness and elasticity creates better support to the mother's waist and abdomen
  • The three-section design can be adjusted individually and sticks to the abdomen
  • Equipped with soft cushions to protect the abdomen
  • Breathable elastic band, soft and fit, not easy to expose

  • Enhanced version Rosehip Organic massage oil
  • Made from 100% cold pressed rosehip seeds from Chile
  • Specially prepared for postpartum mothers
  • Effective anti-aging effect, improve skin elasticity and firmness
  • Prevent stretch marks, stains, scars
  • Relieve edema & promote metabolism
  • Better oil penetration enhancing product effectiveness
  • Specifications


    Product Weight 1 kg
    Product Height 6 cm
    Product Width 22 cm
    Product Depth 25 cm
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