Product Code: EXPO-19045
MATERNEA 皇牌防妊娠紋必備 MATERNEA Anti-stretch mark cream and oil Duo set

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Product Code: EXPO-19045
MATERNEA 皇牌防妊娠紋必備 MATERNEA Anti-stretch mark cream and oil Duo set

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Maternea 主打商品皇家妊娠紋必備
彈力滋養護膚油含有高達97.6%天然有效成分,分子非常的小,透過油的滲透可以到達肌膚的最底層滋養及活化肌膚細胞,保護懷孕期間快速擴張的皮膚,增加彈性。 之後再配上防妊娠紋霜,重建皮膚結構預防、同時淡化已形成的妊娠紋,加強皮膚的防禦力,舒緩乾痕癢 。維持懷孕期的肌膚健康

hero products prevent anti-stretch mark duo set
Contains 97.6% high -qulity nature ingredients, Provides optimal hydration and nourishment, improves elasticity and blood circulation. Meanwhile, processes and stimulaters the production of collagen, All natural ingredients and proven comples for the best result and prevent the appearance of stretch mark

Features and Benefits

抗妊娠紋因子Regestril™ , 甜杏仁油, 維他命 C &E, Jojoba oil 內含胜肽,有效激活肌膚皮膚細胞,重建皮膚結構,刺激膠原蛋白,有助於增加肌膚彈性、以及加強皮膚抵抗力。同時促進皮膚癒合、減少疤痕、延緩細胞老化,可預防、改善敏感乾燥。 減少懷孕時的乾敏痕癢問題。成分中蘊含重要脂肪酸:油酸和亞麻仁油酸,有助於皮膚恢復油水平衡,有效預防妊娠紋及減淡已形成的妊娠紋

大豆油, 荷荷芭油, 米胚芽油, 甜杏仁油, 維他命E

Anti-strech mark cream
Contains ingredients : specialized complex regestril, almond oil , VIctamin C, Jojo ba oil Clinically proven effect and stimulaters cell regeneration in the underlying layers of the skin. Improves the elasticiy of the connective issue, is rich in proteins and has relaxing and noursing characteristics. Speed up healing process and contributes to production of collagen fibres and improve the skin. Thus, prevents the appearance of stretch mark and actively reduces those already formed.

Elastic Oil
Contains ingredients :Soybean oil, Jojoba oil, Rice bran oil, Almond oil, VItamin E
Absores deep into the skin, nourishes, moiturize, and reduces the discomfort of dry skin. Omega-6 fatty acids and antioxdants siumulates microcirculation and metabolism at the surface of the skin, and soften. Moreove, it supports the production of collagen , increases the strengh and impoves elsticity, actively prevents the formation of strech marks.



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