B&H (Swiss) Multi-Function Double Bottle Warmer & Steriliser

B&H (Swiss) Multi-Function Double Bottle Warmer & Steriliser

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Intelligently designed to help parents to warm up milk or baby food in safe, fast and convenient way by equipping with large capacity & wider usage(sterilise)



- Smart temperature control warms 2 bottles to ideal temperture at the same time
- 4-in-1 funciton: Warm Milk, Quick Warm, Warm Food & Sterilise
- Warm Milk: 15-20mins
- Quick Warm: 10-12mins
- Warm Food: around 8mins, warms up baby food containers as well as milk
- Sterilse: range from 6-20mins to steriliser bottles, tableware & other accessories
- Preset Function: range from 30mins to 12hrs, save time to pre-warm water
- Large capacity, increase flexibility
- Auto off:
1) if has not been use in 10hrs, or
2) if water has been evaporated
- Sound reminding: if water has been evaporated, machine will have 5 'beeps' to inform
- Food Grade transparent PP Lid, easy to view
- Comes with accessories: PP clips & PP measuring cup

As we all know,
parenting is already hard work,
let us handle the rest!