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Dr Brown's Manual Breast Pump with SoftShape™ Silicone Shield + Gia Angled Feeding Pillow with Cotton Cover

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Whether it is used for quietly pumping milk at night, emergency relief of breast tenderness, or daily scheduled milk pumping procedures, Dr Brown's new SoftShape manual breast pump is the best quiet and powerful breast pumping tool for breastfeeding mothers.
-Two pumping modes, completely imitating the baby's natural sucking: at the beginning, a short and dense pumping action is used to stimulate the lactation reflex; only simple adjustments are required to switch to a slower and deeper rhythm, imitating the baby's ease Comfortable sucking
-The SoftShape cup is made of 100% silicone, which is soft and elastic. It fully fits different breast shapes and provides a flexible and comfortable breast pumping effect.
-Equipped with Dr Brown's Options+ Imitation Breastmilk Exhaust Milk Bottle with Nipple, Leakproof Milk Bottle Cover and Exhaust Pipe Cleaning Brush
-Standard size B (25mm) medium size SoftShape silicone soft cup, and other sizes are available for purchase
-All components can be cleaned on top of the dishwasher
-Does not contain bisphenol A

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