Marcus & Marcus Marcus Baby Feeding Gift Set - Marcus

Marcus & Marcus Marcus Baby Feeding Gift Set - Marcus

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Marcus Baby Feeding Gift Set includes one silicone bowl, one soft-tip feeding spoon that is gentle on baby’s gums and one silicone baby bib.                                                           

When your baby graduates from liquid to solids, it seems like there are never enough bowls to go around. Marcus & Marcus Baby Feeding Set is the perfect set to get your baby started on solids.



Key Features:
• BPA/Phthalate free
• Extra large crumb catcher fpr baby bib
• Soft silicone is gentle on baby’s skin
• Two adjustable button latches on baby bib
• Kid-friendly wide-base for the Silicone bowl
• Two easy grip handles for the bowl
• Soft silicone spoon tip for tender gums
• Easy grip handle on feeding spoon
• Resting tab keeps the spoon off the table

As we all know,
parenting is already hard work,
let us handle the rest!